Advocate For dogs – Flea & Worming Treatment

What is advocate for dogs?

Advocate is an efficient dog medication that is used to treat your dogs against insects. The
medication is supplied and administered in the form of liquid. It is usually applied to the skin
of the dog which is behind its neck. Advocate is a solution that comes with a distinct yellowish-brown
color. The substance is formulated with both moxidectin and imidacloprid as its active ingredients.

Advocate is a useful treatment when it comes to preventing parasite infestations in your pets like
ferrets, dogs, and cats. This is a treatment that can be used against common parasites such as
heartworm, intestinal worms, lice, mites, and fleas.

Advocate is very potent. However, you will have to use the right concentration of the medication
to witness its effects. This is why the medication is sold in various concentrations. This makes it
possible for different pets of various size range can get an accurate dosage of the treatment. This
means that it is sold in different concentrations. A reliable and trustworthy pet drug shop should
have all concentrations. The treatment is manufactured and produced by Bayer, a popular drug
production company. The medication is generally supplied in little white pipettes. These pipettes
are sold in packets of either 6 or 3.

After purchase, the treatment is usually administered using a simple pipette. The pipette liquid is
applied to the skin that is at the back of the neck of the pet.

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Advocate for dogs without vet prescription

Advocate is usually a medication that can be bought only with a prescription from a vet doctor.
However, there is still Advocate for dogs without vet prescription. Many reputable shops have
the treatment and you can also access them without necessarily having a prescription from a
veterinary doctor. The drugs can also be accessed by buyers who have a prescription from a vet
doctor. As soon as the drug has been prescribed by a vet doctor, the buyer can access the drug from
any reputable pet drug store. There are various reputable and trustworthy pet drug stores around.
It could be a pharmacy or an online dispensary.

Advocate in action: What is the primary purpose of the medication?

Advocate is a very potent medication for pets. It can be used to prevent and treat fleas among pts.
Advocates can be used for cats and dogs. It is also a useful medication to fight off FAD – Flea
Allergic Dermatitis. Advocates can also be used to fight off Otodectes Cyanotis (Ear mites). It can
also be used to prevent Dirofilaria immitis (Heartworm). It is also a useful medication against
various intestinal worms in cats and dogs. Common worms include whipworm, lungworm,
heartworm, and roundworm.

Also, Advocate can be specifically applied to your dog for the treatment of biting lice. It can also
be used to treat skin diseases caused by mites as well as other conditions caused by mites in dogs.
Advocate can also be used on Ferrets. With Ferrets, the dog medication can be used to fight off
fleas and prevent them. It can also be used on the same animal to stop heartworms.

How does the drug work?

Advocate contains several potent and strong anti-parasitic ingredients. It comes with active
ingredients such as:

  • 100 g/L imidacloprid
  • 25 g/L Moxidectin

Advocate is a potent pet medication that works in a way that is different from oral medications. It
is applied to the skin of the pet. It does not have to be absorbed inside the bloodstream of the
animal. The medication contains an active ingredient that helps kill off parasites and fleas.
Imidacloprid is the active ingredient that enters the body of the pet through its skin. On contacting
the fleas, it kills them off immediately.

Moxidectin is another active ingredient that is contained in the popular medication. This is rapidly
absorbed into the bloodstream of your pet. On getting into the pet’s bloodstream, it is easily spread
all around the body of the pet. This makes it easy for it to kill off mites, intestinal nematode worms,
and heartworms.

The drug can be applied to the skin of the pet once every four weeks. This can be used to protect
against parasites constantly. The medication works for fleas, intestinal worms, and heartworms.
Advocate as medication has been formulated to be used externally on pets. It is usually applied
directly onto the skin of the pet. Also, the medication comes with specific instructions on its
frequency of application. A monthly application of the medication will result in a steady
concentration of the medication on the body of the dog. As soon as the medication gets to a steady-
state, it usually provides a constant degree of protection against various parasites.

A pet owner’s guide to applying Advocate

If you have a pet, then you can easily apply Advocate on them without much direction from your
vet. With the help of this expert guide, you can easily treat your pet with this highly potent
medication. Advocate can be applied topically onto the skin of the pet. It is usually applied at the
rear side of the neck of your pet. The frequency of application is usually every four weeks or once
a month. When applying Advocate, ensure that you put it in a location where the pet cannot reach
and lick it off. It may be advisable to apply the drug between the pet’s shoulder blades.

Also, when applying the medication, the dosage usually depends on the weight of the pet. This is
why it is supplied in different concentrations. This way, a pet of a specific size and weight can get
an accurate dosage. Advocate also works safely with other veterinary medicines.

Dosage for dogs: When it comes to dogs, they should be given a dosage of 0.1 ml/kg of the
solution. This means that the dog gets 0.1ml for every kilogram of bodyweight.

Dosage for cats: Advocate for cats equates to approximately 0.1ml/kg of the solution. This is the
same dosage as that of a dog.

Dosage for ferrets: Advocate when used on ferrets can be a single pipette.

Dosage for parasites

When it comes to taking Advocates against parasites, there are specific dosages for each parasite.
This is used to ensure that the right amount and potency of the drug is taken to prevent the parasite.
The dosages are as follows:

Ear mites: You can use a single dose for the treatment of ear mites. But you should confirm with
your veterinary doctor.

Fleas: You can use one pipette every month for cats and dogs. This is also taken to stop any
reoccurrence. If you are treating fleas in ferrets, you should apply one pipette every three weeks.
If there is a large flea infestation on the pet, the frequency of dosage may be reduced to two weeks.

Lice: You could kill off a majority of the lice with just a single dose of Advocate. After one month,
you may need to administer another dosage, however, this should be confirmed with your
veterinary doctor.

Sarcoptes: If you are treating sarcoptic mange, it is recommended to take a total of 2 doses. These
doses should be taken 4 weeks apart.

Demodex: You can take a monthly dosage of Advocate which is between 2 and 4 months. This is
usually needed for the treatment of demodicosis. However, you may discontinue treatment if the
medication seems to have worked.

Heartworm: If you are looking to prevent heartworm in pets, Advocate should be applied every
month. This is perfect throughout the season of mosquitos because they are responsible for
transmitting heartworms. To get an effective result, you will need to start applying Advocate a
minimum of a month before the start of the season.

Roundworm: Advocate can be used to treat roundworms in your pets. The drug should be applied
monthly to treat both dogs and cats. The drug should be used to treat intestinal roundworms as
well as prevent them.

What are the key benefits of Advocate?

Advocate without vet prescription is a pet drug that can be used on all types of pets. This is because of its potency. The
drug can be purchased at many reputable dispensaries and pharmacies. Advocate as a drug comes
with several key benefits. Some key benefits of the drug are:

Fast action: Advocate when used on your pet, tend to work a lot faster compared to other
medications. It works pretty fast to get rid of all types of insects. It usually kills them off within 3-
5 minutes after contacting them.

Simple application: Advocate as a pet medication can be applied simply to the pet. This spot-on
application can best be used to enhance its potency.

Resistant to water: Advocate has important water-resistant properties. This means that water does
not affect its application.

A comprehensive pet protection solution: Advocate is a comprehensive solution for treating pets
because of its potency against all types of parasites. It can be used for treating intestinal worms
and heartworms. The medication kills off all types of adult hookworms and roundworms. It also
goes on to kill off immature larval and adult stages of the worms. This way it can break off the

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