Bravecto Tablets For Dogs- The Best Vet Medicine For Flea & Tick Infestation


Fleas and ticks are a nightmare for every pet lover out there. Right? Once your pet gets infested
with insects, there is a higher likelihood of disease transmission. It not only causes severe health
hazards to your dog or cat but can also ruin your house’s whole environment.

Are you looking for a reliable solution to protect your dog from insect infestation? Do you want a
safe and sound environment for your beloved pet? Rest your concerns here! We have got an
ultimate and immediate solution to all your woes.

According to expert vets, Bravecto is the one-and-done oral treatment for killing fleas and ticks.
The product ensures maximum safety and excellent health for your pet. The clinically proven and
most trusted tablets have been in use for decades. They aspire to treat the deadly diseases
caused by effective parasites. Use Bravecto tablets for dogs and pets, and take a chill pill yourself!

You must be wondering about the product’s chemistry, benefits, and administration protocols. Our
informative review will help you know all the essentials related to the product. Let’s get started
right away.

What Are Bravecto Tablets?



Bravecto tablets are the ultimate antidote to insect infestation. Fluralaner is an active ingredient
that takes an active part in killing insects. The tablets work both as acaricide and insecticide and
take almost three months to ensure complete killing activity.

Bravecto is one of the safest veterinary medicinal products that has received approval from the
Food & Drug Administration Agency. Its safety profile ensures its use for pregnant and lactating
dogs. Bravecto is a perfect choice to give your pets immediate and persistent relief from insects.

Features Of Bravecto Tablets – Why To Consider?

Bravecto has proved to be the best treatment against Ctenocephalides felis & Ixodes Scapularis.
It is a great choice to keep your dog healthy and safe from almost all insects.


Have a look at the features of the product.

1. Active Ingredient

Fluralaner is the essential component of Bravecto tablets. It is responsible for the whole
mechanism of action.

The ingredient has proved to be highly effective against mites, fleas, and ticks. It results in a
noticeable efficacy and more remarkable persistence within a short time after the administration.
Fluralaner has made Bravecto the most innovative insecticide ever.

2. Administration Indication & User Safety

The isoxazoline-based drug is easy to use, efficacious, and safe. According to the FDA (Food &
Drugs Administration), the product’s advantages have outweighed the related risks. People who
use the tablet for their dogs did not report any adverse effects except vomiting and mild reactions.

3. Insecticidal & Acaricidal Properties

The isoxazoline-based drug is easy to use, productive, and safe. According to FDA (Food & Drugs
Administration), the product’s advantages have outweighed the related risks.

People who use the tablet for their dogs did not report any adverse effects except vomiting and
mild reactions.

4. Pharmacodynamic Properties

The product reduces egg production by fleas and deterrent adult ticks and mites. The active
ingredient in Bravecto has an antagonistic effect on the chloride channels in the nervous system
of arthropods.

The long-lasting efficacy of the product is due to its ability to break the onset of the life cycle of a

5. Low-Risk

Bravecto is the safest way to get your dog rid of the nuisance of fleas. According to veterinary
experts and professionals, there is the slightest chance that your dog gets any aftereffects after
administering the product. It is an ideal fit if you want a product with minimum side effects.

Composition Of Bravecto Tablets

Bravecto belongs to a synthetic class of heterocyclic chemical compounds. They are a novel category of ectoparasiticide containing azolyl phenyl chemical group. They are isoxazolyl that has lent a great advantage to the veterinary realm.

Fluralaner is the primary compound with the chemical name Carbamoyl Benzamide Phenyl Isoxazoline. All the strengths of the product are 28 percent weight by volume of the main ingredient, i.e., Fluralaner.

Dosage Schedule

Body Weight Ranges (lb)

Fluralaner Content (mg)

Chews Administered

4.4 – 9.9



>9.9 – 22.0



>22.0 – 44.0



>44.0 – 88.0



>88.0 – 123.0*



*Dogs over 123.0 lb should be administered the appropriate combination of chews

Pricing Overview Of Bravecto Tablets

Product Suitable Weight Of Pet Price
Bravecto 250 mg Fluralaner Chewable Tablet  For Small Dogs  4.5 – 10 Kg  $58
Bravecto 500mg Chewable Tablets For Medium Size Dogs 10 – 20kg $58.5
Bravecto 1000mg Chewable Tablet For Large Dogs  20-40kg $59
Bravecto 1400mg Chewable Tablet For Very Large Dogs 40-56kg $61.5

Pros & Cons Of Bravecto Tablets

Bravecto tablets for dogs are the best choice ever! However, it is essential to keep in mind both
the negative and positive aspects of the product.


  • The product is easily chewable and good in taste
  • The effectiveness is long-lasting.
  • The product does not chemically react with any other medicine.
  • It is equally beneficial for both cats and dogs.
  • The mechanism of action starts after 2 hours of administration.


  • The product is not advantageous for Lone Star Ticks.
  • Not efficacious against worms.
  • Applicable for dogs up to 4.4lbs.

Why We Recommend Bravecto Tablets & User Reviews!

People love Bravecto for their pets, and that’s for a reason. It is one of the highest
recommendations of animal health professionals. The product offers long-lasting protection
against insects, from savory chews to simple applications.

Just a single dose is enough to feel the difference. Isn’t a single dose better than a series of
monthly doses? Well, that accounts for such an excellent recommendation of the product.

The product is easy to chew and has a refined taste. It makes it easy for your dog to take it more
like a treat than a medicine. Lastly, there is the slightest probability that your dog gets any side

You can see for yourself in the reviews how satisfied customers are with the tablets, and how
many of them plan to continue giving them to their dogs in the future.


Another user commented that he has seen great results from using these chews on his pets to
keep them free of ticks and fleas and that he thinks all pet owners should do the same.


Conclusion – Final Thoughts!

Terminating adult fleas and protecting your dog is not child’s play. A safe and clinically approved
medical product is inevitable to solve the problem.

If you are tired of seeking reliable medicine for the best health of your dog, you can use Bravecto
without reconsidering anything.

Bravecto tablets are advantageous for treating the deadly infestation caused by insects. Its quick,
efficacious, and long-lasting effect has made it the most trusted product since ancient times.
However, the consultation of a veterinary professional is a must before you administer Bravecto
to your dog.

The product ensures the best results for up to twelve weeks. Bravecto is the ultimate and safest
option for all pet lovers worldwide.

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