Stronghold For Cats

Stronghold is a topical treatment for cats and dogs that effectively protects against fleas, heartworms, ear mites, and certain types of intestinal worms. With a single monthly application, Stronghold provides comprehensive parasite control, ensuring the well-being of your pet.

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Fleas, ear mites, and intestinal worms – these pesky parasites can pose a serious threat to your cat’s health and happiness. Don’t let them take hold!   Stronghold Flea and Tick for Cats (also known as Revolution) is a powerful, all-in-one solution that safeguards your feline friend from these unwelcome invaders.


Stronghold is designed to kill fleas, prevent flea infestations, and protect your cat against heartworm disease. Additionally, Stronghold effectively treats ear mites and controls roundworms and hookworms in cats. 

Benefits of Stronghold 

Stronghold comes in convenient, single-dose pipettes (spot-on tubes) tailored to your cat’s weight, ensuring precise treatment. It’s a comprehensive solution, protecting against a wide range of pests, including fleas, ear mites, heartworms, and certain intestinal worms (roundworms and hookworms). This easy-to-apply topical solution provides a full month of reliable protection and is safe and effective for cats and kittens as young as eight weeks old.

How Stronghold Works? 

Stronghold Flea and Tick for Cats contains selamectin as its primary active ingredient. Selamectin disrupts the parasites’ nervous systems, leading to paralysis and death.  This product’s effectiveness and safety are backed by clinical studies.


    • Targeted Pests: Stronghold offers excellent protection against a wide range of parasites, including fleas, ear mites, heartworms, roundworms, and hookworms.
    • Duration: A single application of Stronghold protects your cat for a full month.
    • Influencing factors: Stronghold remains effective even if your cat gets wet. However, avoid bathing for at least two hours after treatment.

Application and Dosage

    1. Step-by-step instructions: Part the fur at the base of your cat’s neck and apply the entire contents of the Stronghold pipette directly onto the skin.
    2. Dosage chart: Follow the weight-based dosage chart on the product packaging to select the correct size pipette for your cat.
    3. Helpful tips: Reward your cat after application to make the experience positive. Avoid touching the application site until dry.

Safety and Side Effects

Stronghold Flea and Tick for Cats has a proven safety record when used as directed.  Potential side effects may include temporary irritation at the application site. 


Is Stronghold a Good Flea Treatment for Cats?

Yes, Stronghold is considered an excellent flea treatment for cats. Stronghold (selamectin) is a highly effective prescription medication against a broad range of parasites, including fleas. It’s known for its rapid onset of action and sustained protection.

Which is Better: Frontline or Stronghold?

Both medications are effective, but they offer different levels of protection:

    • Frontline Plus primarily targets fleas and ticks.
    • Stronghold offers a wider spectrum of protection, including fleas, ear mites, heartworms, and intestinal worms.
    • The best choice depends on your cat’s individual needs.

What are The Side Effects of Stronghold on Cats?

Stronghold is generally well-tolerated by most cats, with mild application site reactions such as temporary hair loss or irritation being common. However, infrequent side effects may include lethargy, drooling, vomiting, or diarrhea.

How Often Can I Use a Stronghold on My Cat?

Stronghold is designed for monthly application to provide continuous protection from parasites.


Stronghold for Cats is a top choice for cat owners seeking all-around parasite protection.  Its ease of use, comprehensive coverage, and long-lasting effectiveness make it a reliable solution.  Choose Stronghold and help your feline friend live a healthier, parasite-free life.