Comfortis Plus for Dogs

Comfortis Plus is a monthly chewable tablet for dogs that provides effective protection against fleas, flea infestations, heartworms, roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms. With its convenient oral administration and fast-acting formula, Comfortis Plus ensures comprehensive parasite control to keep your dog healthy and comfortable.

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Comfortis Plus is a powerful solution that provides comprehensive protection for your dogs, tackling not just heartworms but also pesky fleas and common intestinal worms. Comfortis Plus is also a delicious, beef-flavored chew that most dogs happily gobble up. With just one chew a month, you can ensure your dog receives continuous protection and maintains their overall health. Consistent parasite control is vital for preventing discomfort, illness, and even serious health complications. Therefore, give your dog the gift of year-round defense with Comfortis Plus – a simple and effective solution for a happy and healthy canine companion.

What parasites does Comfortis Plus protect against?

Using Comfortis Plus can prevent negative parasites from seriously threatening their health. Here are three common enemies:

    1. Heartworm: Mosquitoes transmit these dangerous worms that damage the heart, lungs, and blood vessels. Prevention is key, as treatment is difficult and risky.
    2. Fleas: These biting pests cause itching, skin problems, and can even carry diseases. Comfortis Plus helps break the flea lifecycle.
    3. Intestinal Worms: Roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms steal nutrients and cause digestive issues. Comfortis Plus targets these parasites, keeping your dog healthy from the inside out.

How Comfortis Plus Works

Comfortis Plus is a scientifically formulated weapon against a trio of canine threats: heartworms, fleas, and intestinal worms. Two powerful active ingredients are milbemycin oxime and spinosad, which deliver comprehensive protection for your dogs.

    • Milbemycin oxime: This broad-spectrum parasiticide tackles threats on two fronts.  Firstly, it disrupts the development of heartworm larvae transmitted by mosquito bites and prevents them from maturing into harmful adult worms.  Secondly, milbemycin oxime targets common intestinal worms to disrupt their energy production and neuromuscular system. This could lead to paralysis and elimination of your dog’s digestive system.
    • Spinosad: This key ingredient in Comfortis Plus is an insecticide specifically designed to combat fleas.  It disrupts the flea’s nervous system, interfering with the transmission of nerve impulses and their normal movement and coordination, ultimately leading to paralysis and death.  Spinosad’s targeted action effectively eliminates adult fleas and prevents them from reproducing, keeping your dog itch-free and comfortable.

By combining these two potent ingredients, Comfortis Plus provides a one-stop solution for safeguarding your dog’s health.

Key Benefits of Comfortis Plus

Comfortis Plus offers comprehensive protection, tackling heartworms, fleas, and common intestinal worms. This powerful solution safeguards your dog’s health and gives you peace of mind.

Here’s why Comfortis Plus stands out:

    1. Fast Action: Starts killing fleas within 30 minutes, providing quick relief from itching and controlling infestations.
    2. Monthly Protection: Provides full-month protection against fleas, ensuring your dog stays comfortable.
    3. Easy Administration: The tasty, beef-flavored chewable tablet is readily accepted by most dogs.
    4. Proven Reliability: Comfortis Plus is trusted for its safety and effectiveness. Consistent monthly use offers ongoing protection for a happy, healthy dog.
Benefits of Comfortis Plus
Benefits of Comfortis Plus

How to Use Comfortis Plus

Protecting your dog with Comfortis Plus is a straightforward process.  However, it’s always important to refer to the packaging instructions for the correct dosage based on your dog’s weight. This ensures your dog receives the appropriate level of protection. Here is how to administer Comfortis Plus:

    • Offer it Directly or Hide it in Food: Many dogs readily devour the tasty chewable tablet on its own. However, if your pup needs a little encouragement, you can offer Comfortis Plus directly or hide it within their food.
    • Ensure Complete Consumption: Keep an eye on your dog after administration to ensure they consume the entire Comfortis Plus chew. If you’re concerned they might not have swallowed the whole tablet, consult the packaging instructions or reach out to your veterinarian for guidance.
    • Monthly Dosing for Year-Round Defense: The key to successful parasite prevention lies in consistency. For optimal protection, Comfortis Plus should be administered once a month, year-round. This ensures continuous defense against heartworms, fleas, and intestinal worms, keeping your dog healthy and happy throughout the year.
How to use Comfortis Plus
How to use Comfortis Plus

Safety Information

Comfortis Plus is a safe and effective solution for most dogs when used as directed. However, it’s vital to prioritize your dog’s safety by familiarizing yourself with the following information before using the product. The product label contains important information regarding proper dosage based on weight, potential side effects (like seizures), and storage instructions. Regarding age and weight restrictions, Comfortis Plus is safe for puppies starting at 8 weeks of age and weighing 5 pounds or more. Another caution is to keep Comfortis Plus out of reach of children and pets. You should also store the chewable tablets in a cool, dry place to maintain their potency and prevent accidental ingestion.

By following these safety precautions, you can ensure Comfortis Plus provides effective parasite protection for your dog while prioritizing their overall health and well-being.

Safety information of Comfortis Plus
Safety information of Comfortis Plus


Comfortis Plus steps up as a powerful medication to offer a comprehensive and convenient solution for year-round parasite prevention. For optimal protection, administer Comfortis Plus once a month, year-round. This continuous defense shields your dog from heartworms, fleas, and intestinal worms, allowing them to live a long, healthy, and parasite-free life. If you need to buy Comfortis Plus, come and visit Anipet Shop for more details.


What is the difference between Comfortis and Comfortis Plus?

Both Comfortis and Comfortis Plus are chewable medications for dogs made by the same brand, but they target different parasites. Here are some obvious differences between them:

Feature Comfortis Comfortis Plus
Targets Fleas only Fleas, worms, heartworm
Active ingredients Spinosad Spinosad, milbemycin oxime
Function against fleas Kills and prevents adult fleas Kills and prevents adult fleas
Speed of action Kills fleas within 30 minutes Kills fleas within 30 minutes
Duration of protection Prevents fleas for 1 month Prevents fleas for 1 month
Additional benefits None Protects from heartworm, treats & controls intestinal worms


Is Comfortis Plus safe for dogs?

Comfortis Plus is generally safe for most dogs because it is FDA-approved for dogs of all ages and breeds (except for pregnant or lactating females, and puppies younger than 8 weeks). 

However, as with any medication, there’s a possibility of mild side effects including vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, or loss of appetite. Therefore,  you should read the product label carefully before using Comfortis Plus for your dogs.

Additionally, it is crucial to follow the recommended dosage for your dog’s weight to minimize the risk of side effects. Overdosing can increase the chance and intensity of side effects.

What does Comfortis Plus cover?

Comfortis Plus is a broad-spectrum parasiticide for dogs that covers the following:

    • Fleas: Comfortis Plus kills and prevents adult fleas. It starts acting within 30 minutes of administration, eliminating adult fleas within 4 hours and provides month-long protection against flea infestations.
    • Heartworm: Comfortis Plus protects dogs from heartworm disease by killing heartworm larvae before they mature into adult worms. This helps prevent the serious health problems caused by adult heartworms in the heart, lungs, and blood vessels.
    • Intestinal worms (roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms): Comfortis Plus treats and controls hookworm, roundworm, and whipworm infections in dogs. These are common intestinal parasites that can cause health problems in dogs.

It is important to note that Comfortis Plus does not cover tapeworms. If your dog is also at risk for tapeworm infection, your veterinarian may recommend a separate medication or a broader-spectrum dewormer alongside Comfortis Plus.