Buy Credelio For Dogs Without A Vet Prescription

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In the summer, we all want to spend considerable time outside. As a dog owner, that desire to
go on adventures with your pet can be even stronger because they tend to be just like us.
Dogs can get fleas and ticks from nature, so even if you’re just taking them for a walk in the
park, you need to protect them.

Make sure that your dog can stay safe from fleas and ticks when you take care of them. This is a
very essential thing you can do for them. But, it can be hard to choose the right pest prevention
and treatment for your beloved pet at times.

It’s hard to figure out which of the many options on the market is best for your dog. How can
you make sense of all the information you have?

Credelio and Credelio Plus are two of the most well-known brands on the market. Both of them
are good at getting rid of fleas and ticks. However, products made by these two well-known
brands have a few different benefits, features, and, not to forget, side-effects.

It all comes down to what you know will work best for your pet and its lifestyle when you
choose the right product.

The health of your dog is at stake if you don’t get rid of ticks and fleas right away. But why is it necessary?

                                    Credelio Chewable Tablet for Dogs

Numerous dog owners think that ticks and fleas are like lice for dogs. Lice aren’t so bad, but
ticks and fleas are much worse because they carry so many diseases. This is a list of diseases
that your dog can get: Tularemia, Murine Typhus, Lyme disease, Tick Paralysis, Rocky Mountain
Spotted Fever, and more.

They can spread tapeworms to not just your dog, but also to any other dogs or cats and even to
people in the area. Severe infestations can cause anemia, which can cause tissue damage and
even death if left untreated. They are caused by ticks, fleas, and other bugs that live on cats.

Haemobartonellosis can require the removal of your dog’s spleen in order to treat it. Ehrlichia
can damage your dog’s blood cells. This is the last thing you need to know about Flea Allergic
Dermatitis. If your dog is already allergic to other things, they are more likely to get it.

Dogs become allergic to flea saliva when they are bitten by them. This is called flea allergy. It
can cause your dog to scratch, get infections, and have less of a defense system. Ticks and fleas
can pass on many of these diseases to your human family when they bite you or your pets.

A chewable tablet for dogs called Credelio is here:

Dog owners have to deal with fleas and ticks all the time. These parasites can cause your dog a
lot of trouble, so getting rid of them should be your number one goal. Credelio for dogs
without vet prescription is a new tablet that your dog can eat to keep it from getting a parasite
every month.

Credelio is a chewable tablet that should be given to your dog once a month. When taken as
directed, it protects against fleas and ticks for a month at a time. If your dog already has fleas,
you can also use this as a medicine to get rid of them.

The tablet starts working in as little as four hours. It has been proven to be 97% effective
against ticks and 100% effective against fleas, which means it works very quickly.

You can also give your dog this chewable tablet because it’s easy to hide in your dog’s food. This
means you don’t have to worry about your dog not taking another form of medicine. If your dog
is picky about what they eat, we suggest hiding the tablet in wet food so that it can’t be seen.
Your dog might be cleverer than you think!

When you give your dog a chewable tablet instead of a traditional treatment, you don’t have to
deal with a messy mess that could get on your dog’s fur or even on a child’s hands.

It comes in doses for dogs of all sizes. Credelio should only be used on puppies and dogs that
are over 4.4 pounds and have been around for at least 8 weeks of their lives, though. When
your veterinarian writes the prescription, he or she will be able to assist you with more
information on this.

The ways that Credelio works:

Lotilaner is the main ingredient in Credelio flea and tick medicine. Lotilaner is a new isoxazoline,
which is a drug that can be used to quickly kill ticks and fleas. You give this medicine to your
dog, and it gets into his bloodstream and starts working in two hours. Four hours after giving
your dog these tablets, you can see fleas die.

In just eight hours, Credelio for dogs without vet prescription can kill 99 percent of fleas and keep
them out for a long time. Whenever these parasites bite into your dog, they get this medicine mixed
with blood, which makes the parasites die. It stays inside the body of your dog for thirty-five days.

How many Credelio Tablets are ideal for my doggy?

You have to give Credelio tablets to your dog based on its weight. There are a lot of different
dosage packs for dogs that are different sizes. If you need help, you can follow the following

Your Dog’s Weight

Dosage of Lotilaner Box’s Color # of Tablets

4.4 – 6 lbs

56.25 mg Yellow One tablet

6.1 – 12 lbs

112.5 mg


One tablet

12.1 – 15 lbs

225 mg


One tablet

25.1 – 50 lbs 450 mg


One tablet

50.1 – 100 lbs 900 mg Blue

One tablet

● You can hide the chewable tablet in their food easily
● For fleas, it has 100% efficacy and 97% efficacy for ticks.
● It can be used to protect your dog from fleas and also to treat flea infections.
● It starts working in four hours only.
● Only has to be administered to once only in a month to your dog
● There may be more side effects because this is a new product.
● Tick bites can’t be treated with this.

When I give Credelio Flea and Tick Tablets to my dogs, what should I be careful about?

Only dogs above the age of two months and weighing more than 4.4 pounds should be given
Credelio flea and tick tablets. Pregnant and nursing mothers should not be given this
medication. To ensure that your dog receives the entire dosage of the medication, make sure
they consume all of the chewable tablets.

You should administer these medicines to your pets either after or in conjunction with their
meals. If they do have stomach difficulties, this will help to alleviate it.

Comparison: Credelio vs. Credelio Plus:
Credilo Credelio Plus
For both cats and dogs For dogs only
Reduces flea counts by 99% Reduces flea counts by 98%
Treats ticks and fleas only

Gastrointestinal worms


Effective in treating heartworm, lungworm,


Contains lotilaner. Contains lotilaner and milbemycin oxime.


Q.  Is This Safe for My Cat?

Don’t give Credelio, which is meant for dogs, to cats. Cats have different bodies than dogs, so
they need different amounts of medicine. To keep your cat safe from ticks and fleas, you should
find Credelio that is meant for cats.

Q. Is a prescription required for this?

Yes, if you want to buy Credelio for your dog, you’ll need to get permission from a vet first. You
should only give Credelio fleas and tick medicine to your pets with the help of a veterinarian.
Please keep in mind that prescriptions can expire, and you might have to call your vet for a new one.

Q. Is Credelio Allergen-Free?


While this medicine tastes like beef, it doesn’t actually have any beef in it. Even so, it does have
soy, pork liver, wheat, barley, and lactose in it, but not all of them. In this case, you should talk
with your vet before giving your dog any medicine. The Credelio for dogs are also gluten-free.

Q. Is there anything I can do if my dog won’t eat these tablets?

There have been tests done that show that Credelio for dogs without vet prescription was taken
by 94% of dogs when given to them by hand. Some dogs didn’t like this when it was given to them
by hand, but when it was put in their mouths, they ate it. If your dog tries to eat these tablets,
it’s very unlikely that they will not do so.

Q. When should I be storing Credelio for dogs without a vet prescription?

They come in blister packs with Credelio tablets inside. Keep them at room temperature in a dark
and cool place. You should keep the tablets in the blister packs till you require them. There haven’t
been any studies on how long these tablets last when they’re not in their boxes.
Credelio tablets are one of the cost-effective and highly useful for your beloved pets. Get them
today so that your pet can get rid of all the irritating ticks and fleas.
For complete safety information, please see Credelio product label or ask your veterinarian.
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