Simparica Trio for Dogs – Why Your Dog Needs It?

Simparica Trio – Introduction

Owning a dog is not about taking care of his food and shelter. It is necessary to keep a check on your dog’s health and take him to the veterinarian so that your fluffy friend spends a healthy life. Similarly, Simparica Trio for dogs is a great deal to have in the modern era as it guards a dog against internal and external kinds of parasites.

Simparica Trio is a medicine that comes within the shape of a chewable tablet. It is used to treat different parasites and worms present inside the dogs. Simparica Trio kills ticks, fleas and eliminates them before they (fleas) can get fertilized. For treating various kinds of worms (hookworms, heartworms, or roundworms) to keep your dog healthy and active. Moreover, Simparica Trio chewable tablets for dogs are beneficial because they target several ticks that could affect your dog’s health. Generally, Simparica Trio is given to puppies or dogs aged eight weeks or above.

Simparica Trio for Dogs
Simparica Trio chewable tablets for dogs

Simparica Trio Chewable Tablets – Ingredients

A considerable number of veterinarians recommend the Simparica Trio. Want to find out why? Then, the reason is its ingredients. In Simparica Trio, there are three primary components:

  • Sarolaner
  • Moxidectin
  • Pyrantel

Simparica Trio – How Does It Work?

Simparica Trio chewable tablets for dogs have three substances, and they play a vital role in the overall health of a puppy. As we have learned the names of those three substances, it is time for us to know how Simparica Trio works and what functions the sarolaner, moxidectin, and pyrantel play? So, let’s get started.

1.    Function of Sarolaner

Sarolaner is the main component in Simparica Trio. It kills parasites that are present inside the dogs’ fur or resting on the animal skin. The parasites that are involved in this scenario are ticks and fleas. Ticks and fleas breed on the dog’s blood. These parasites get killed by Sarolaner when Simparica Trio is given to the dogs. The medication comes in contact with the nervous system, which later tracks these fleas or ticks.

Generally, if Simparica Trio is given to the dogs at the right time, it does not allow the fleas to lay eggs and get contaminated.

2.    Function of Moxidectin

The second ingredient that is present in Simparica Trio is Moxidectin. Moxidectin prevents the growth of worms, particularly present inside the skin or body of the dogs. It targets several worms like heartworm, lungworm, roundworm, and hookworm.

3.    Function of Pyrantel

The third and last primary component that plays a critical role in a dog’s health is pyrantel. Pyrantel is identical to moxidectin in its functioning as it also targets hook and roundworms. However, the way pyrantel acts are different from that of moxidectin. Instead of interfering in the path of parasites, it blocks them and breaks the flow to reduce their effects.

With the multi-action formula, Simparica Trio has come out as a potential competitor for similar medicines present in the market. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that their excellence will only become a fact when reviews of both the veterinary and buyers will be observed.

How to Use a Simparica Trio for Dogs?

Simparica Trio is relatively easy to use. It is available in a chewable tablet form. It is given to the dogs or puppies only after the consultation of a veterinarian. Simparica Trio is accessible in four different states. Simparica Trio is for

  • Small Pack (Chews for Dogs 5.1 – 10 kg)
  • Medium Pack (Tablets for Dogs 10.1 – 20 kg)
  • Large Pack (For Dogs Range 20.1 to 40 kg)
  • Extra Large Pack (Chews for Dogs 40.1 – 60 kg)

A dog owner needs to know that you can use Simparica Trio only when treating both the ticks or fleas and worms simultaneously.

For dealing with gut worms, you only need to use a single treatment. If you want to treat fleas or ticks, one punctual treatment with Simparica Trio is enough. This treatment usually lasts for almost five weeks.

To contain the growth of worms, especially lungworm and heartworm, a single treatment of Simparica Trio is required for one month. However, if the lungworms and heartworms have been diagnosed in your dog, then treatment could go longer than usual. In such a case, veterinarians’ medicines are also given.

Why Use a Simparica Trio Chewable Tablet for Dogs?

After reading the features and functions of Simparica Trio, you must be thinking about why you should opt for Simparica Trio for dogs when there are similar medicines already present in the market. To answer your question, we have collected some studies that will help you to understand in a better way why using Simparica Trio is beneficial for dogs in several ways. So, let’s start uncovering those reasons one by one.

●     Ticks

Studies have shown that Simparica Trio can reduce ticks’ life and prevent their reproduction effectively compared with other competitors. In addition, unlike afoxolaner, the amount of live ticks gets reduced if Simparica Trio is given to the dogs.

Below is the list of the ticks against which Simparica Trio chewable tablets remain successful.

  • Deer Tick
  • American Dog Tick
  • Brown Dog Tick
  • Gulf Coast Tick
  • Lone Star Tick


●     Hookworms and Roundworms

Another reason you should get a Simparica Trio for dogs is its efficiency against hookworms and roundworms. The activity of the worms drops significantly when Simparica Trio is used. It also helps to keep the dog active and prevent the worms from laying eggs.

●     Heartworms

The primary purpose of Simparica is to target worms of various kinds. It also starts working against heartworms once it gets inside the body of the animals. Treating heartworms is a time-consuming process, and almost 30 days are required for the medication to get completed. However, it has been seen that the treatment of heartworms through Simparica Trio is more effective than the other veterinary medicines. More than that, Simparica protects your dog from getting other worms again for an optimum period.

●     Fleas

Like ticks, fleas are a harmful element for the dogs that we love to have. As afoxolaner is used to treat ticks, the same medicine is used to treat fleas present on the skin and in the fur of the animals.

Simparica Trio is a fast and effective method, unlike other conventional ways to treat fleas. In almost two to four weeks, your dog will become utterly free from fleas. Thus, you can tickle your dog without any tension of parasites.

●     Lungworms

The lungworm disease is becoming quite common in many dog breeds. However, it is not a matter of concern of much seriousness if the disease is diagnosed correctly on time. There is no medication better than using Simparica Trio chewable tablets for treating lungworms.

Why Is It Important to Protect Your Dog?

If we count some of the best friends that a human makes, dogs will be in the top position. The friendship of a dog and a man is not new as one can easily read hundreds of stories and real-life experiences where the bond of friendship between a man and a dog grows constantly.

The fur is an essential element of a dog, and it plays a critical role in maintaining the body temperature, especially in the winters. However, as we love to tickle the dog’s fur, we should also keep that in mind the skin is a host to several fleas and ticks. These ticks or fleas have the potential to lead to an infestation. Therefore, we have listed a few problematic matters that could happen if you don’t care for your dog’s health.

  • Fleas or ticks feed on dogs’ blood that could cause anaemia.
  • Due to them, allergic reactions can occur, resulting in intense itching, rashes, and red spots on the skin. In some cases, fleas could lead to hair loss.
  • Fleas or ticks are unhygienic.
  • Fleas or ticks contain germs of other diseases too.
  • The presence of fleas or ticks is dangerous and unhealthy for both the man and the person.

Thus, dog owners need to keep an eye on their dogs’ health and fur for the reasons we have listed above.

Simparica Trio Chewable Tablet for Dogs – Features at a Glance

Simparica Trio for dogs is a medicating treatment given to puppies to treat fleas, worms, or ticks. It has several features, yet its primary is to prevent diseases such as:

  • Fleas (Adult)
  • Ticks (Gulf Coast, Brown Dog, American Dog, Deer, Lone Star)
  • Roundworms and Hookworms
  • Heartworms
  • Lungworms

Pros of Simparica Trio

  • It is chewable and easy for the dogs to chew.
  • It prevents some diseases associated with fleas, ticks, and worms.
  • It is FDA approved.
  • It treats up to five kinds of ticks.
  • It protects the dogs from getting lazy.

Cons of Simparica Trio

  • It is an expensive product.
  • It is not for dogs that have a history of seizures.


Simparica Trio chewable tablets for dogs are an effective veterinary treatment that helps dogs recover from various diseases of fleas and ticks. However, you should consult with a veterinarian before giving it to your pet. Therefore, to prevent your dog from allergic reactions and worm diseases, the Simparica Trio is inevitable.


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