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Nexgard is a leading choice for flea and tick prevention in dogs. While highly effective, it requires a veterinary prescription for proper dosage and oversight. Let’s explore Nexgard’s benefits and the importance of veterinary involvement in its use

Information about Nexgard

Nexgard is an oral, monthly flea and tick preventative for dogs. Its active ingredient, afoxolaner, disrupts the nervous systems of fleas and ticks, causing them to die. Nexgard is effective against several flea and tick species, with protection starting within 8 hours for fleas and 48 hours for ticks.


How it works: Afoxolaner blocks specific receptors in fleas and tick nervous systems, leading to paralysis and death. It’s absorbed into your dog’s bloodstream, killing parasites when they bite.

Nexgard comes in beef-flavored chews for easy administration. It’s available in various strengths based on your dog’s weight.

Important Notes: Always consult your veterinarian for proper dosing, safety assessment, and to minimize the risk of side effects. Veterinarians are also critical for preventing parasite resistance to Nexgard.


NexGard is given orally once a month, at the minimum dosage of 1.14 mg/lb (2.5 mg/kg). Following the table below to choose the right dosage for each weight.

Body Weight Afoxolaner Per Chewable (mg) Chewables Administered
4.0 to 10.0 lbs. 11.3 One
10.1 to 24.0 lbs. 28.3 One
24.1 to 60.0 lbs. 68 One
60.1 to 121.0 lbs. 136 One
Over 121.0 lbs. Administer the appropriate combination of chewables

The Risks of Medicating Without a Prescription

Incorrect dosing of Nexgard can be dangerous. Too little won’t protect your dog, while too much can cause serious side effects like vomiting, lethargy, or even seizures.

Never give Nexgard to a dog with certain health conditions, including seizure disorders, without veterinary guidance. Some dogs may also be allergic to its ingredients.

Nexgard can interact with other medications. Only a vet can assess these risks and ensure your dog’s safety.

Getting prescription medications without a vet’s involvement is risky and often illegal. You could face legal action, and most importantly, put your pet’s health in danger.


How to Legally Obtain Nexgard

In-Person Veterinary Visit

    1. Schedule an appointment: Contact your veterinarian’s office.
    2. Health assessment: Your dog will get a checkup to ensure Nexgard is safe and suitable.
    3. Discuss lifestyle: Consider your dog’s risk of flea and tick exposure.
    4. Get a prescription: Your вет writes a prescription if Nexgard is the right choice.

Telemedicine Option

    1. Find a licensed service: Choose a reputable company offering virtual vet visits in your area.
    2. Schedule a consultation: Provide your dog’s health information beforehand.
    3. Virtual assessment: The vet discusses your dog’s needs and if Nexgard is appropriate.
    4. Digital prescription: If prescribed, you receive a prescription to purchase Nexgard from a licensed source.

Important: Always purchase Nexgard from a veterinarian, licensed pharmacy, or vet-approved online retailer to ensure product authenticity and safety.

Alternatives to Nexgard

Several prescription flea and tick medications offer varying benefits. Bravecto provides the longest protection (up to 12 weeks) in an oral chew, killing fleas within 2 hours and ticks within 12. Simparica is another oral option, protecting for a month and working quickly against both parasites.  For flea-specific control,  Comfortis is a monthly chewable that starts working in just 30 minutes. Remember, always consult your vet for the best choice for your dog’s needs.

Feature/Option Nexgard Frontline Plus Bravecto Seresto Advantix II Capstar Natural Alternatives
Efficacy (Fleas & Ticks) High High High High High Immediate (Fleas) Variable
Spectrum of Action Fleas & Ticks Fleas, Ticks, Lice Fleas & Ticks Fleas & Ticks Fleas, Ticks, Lice Fleas Fleas, Ticks (Varies)
Duration of Effectiveness 1 month 1 month 3 months 8 months 1 month 24-48 hours Short-term
Form Oral Topical Oral Collar Topical Oral Various (Sprays, Collars, etc.)
Prescription Required? Yes No Yes No No No No
Safety Generally safe, potential for stomach upset Generally safe, potential for skin irritation Generally safe, watch for reactions Occasional mild side effects, skin irritation possible Generally safe, potential for skin irritation Safe, potential for temporary discomfort Generally mild impact, frequent application required
Repellency No No No Yes Yes No Variable



Is Nexgard safe for all dogs?

    • Approved for dogs 8+ weeks old, weighing over 4 lbs.
    • Caution needed for dogs with afoxolaner sensitivity or certain health conditions.

What are the common side effects of Nexgard?

Common side effects:

    • Usually mild: vomiting, itching, diarrhea, lethargy, decreased appetite.

What should I do if I miss a dose of Nexgard?

    • Give it as soon as you remember.
    • Resume regular monthly schedule.
    • Don’t double dose.

Protecting your dog from fleas and ticks is essential for their health and well-being. Anipet Shop understands this and offers a variety of solutions to meet your pet’s needs. Browse our selection of high-quality flea and tick preventatives, including over-the-counter options and natural alternatives. We’re committed to providing you with the resources and products to help you make the best choices for keeping your furry companion happy and healthy.

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