Bravecto Chews For Dogs – Flea And Tick Pills For Dogs Without A Vet Prescription



The problem of ticks and fleas bothers many pet owners. Without proper control
measures, fleas and ticks could jeopardize the health of your pet or even their lives.
That is why you need Bravecto. This treatment has been used by veterinarians the
world over as a control measure for fleas and ticks. Actually, Bravecto kills these parasites
within 12 weeks! It is effective throughout all seasons, helping you protect your pets from
the harmful infestation from fleas and ticks. This article highlights the top 5 reasons you
should get Bravecto today for your pets’ health.

bravecto chews for dogs
                                      Bravecto chews for dogs

1. Continuous Coverage

Unlike other commercial preventives for fleas and ticks, Bravecto guarantees a continuous
coverage for 12 running weeks. For this reason, it is currently the only preventive that lasts
longest, with one dose likely to cover a full season. Therefore, applying 4 doses means that
the Bravecto preventive may last a whole year, guaranteeing your pets maximum protection
against fleas and ticks. Bravecto has fluralaner, an active ingredient, and the first of its kind
to be discovered in over a decade. The function of the fluralaner is to inhibit the GABA,
as well as the glutamate-receptors in the neurons of insects. In essence, this ingredient provides
increased safety against any insect, including fleas and ticks.

Bravecto can be used as a preventive, as well as a treatment for patients with dermatitis, a
flea allergy. It is a condition common in people that are highly sensitive to flea saliva. Therefore,
you can use Bravecto to treat yourself or loved ones in case of this condition, as well as protecting
your pets from fleas and ticks.

2. Rapid Action

Your pet dog needs rapid preventive measures against fleas and ticks. That is why Bravecto
provides fast protection for your pets against the common fleas, Ctenocephalides felis.
This type of flea attacks dogs, cats, and even humans. Additionally, Bravecto guarantees
protection against different types of ticks that cause several borne diseases. In particular,
a single dose of Bravecto can protect your cats and dogs from flea and tick infestation to their
eventual extinction, as well as minimizing the transmission of the borne disease caused by ticks.

When you use the Bravecto Chew for your dog, the effect starts to be felt within 2 hours
of application, increasing until all ticks are killed by the end of the 12th hour within the treatment.
Interestingly, after the treatment with Bravecto, more than 98% of dog ticks are killed within
48 hours! This explains how fast this preventive works in terminating the ticks and fleas, with
effects lasting for 12 weeks continuously.

3. Proven Safety

Bravecto chews for dogs is approved by the FDA and clinically proven to be safe for treating
and protecting dogs and cats against fleas and ticks for 12 consecutive weeks. The preventive’s
topical and chew have both been clinically tested and emerged with high safety standards.
Furthermore, Bravecto has not been recorded to be used alongside other medications,
such as vaccines, antibiotics, steroids, and anthelmintics. This makes the preventive for use
in treating your dogs and cats from the age of 6 months. The Bravecto Chew is safe for
protection against the Ctenocephalides felis for 12 weeks, as well as different types of ticks,
including Ixodes scapularis (Black-legged tick) and Dermacentor variabilis (American dog tick).
Moreover, the Bravecto topical product can be safely applied to protect fleas and ticks without
harmful reactions.

4. Easy Dose Application

The long-lasting protection of the Bravecto preventive guarantees you minimal worries
over compliance issues while treating your pet dogs and cats. Also, the dosage schedule
for Bravecto is more convenient because it takes a few treatments in a year compared
to other preventives that require a monthly subscription. The chew product is easily
applicable and readily acceptable to dogs, while the topical is more convenient in the
application, with minimum administrative hassles. The many protection gaps that are
common with monthly treatments are minimized by the infrequent dosage of Bravecto.
With monthly treatments, the risk of your pets developing reinfestations is high,
especially during the gaps between the treatments, resulting in more dangerous diseases.
To prevent this scenario, acquire the Bravecto preventive to successfully break the
life cycle of the fleas, disrupting continuous exposure to harmful flea and tick infestations.

5. Highly Recommended

Why should you grab your Bravecto today? Simply put, this preventive is highly has received
many recommendations from veterinarians, as well as the many pet owners that are currently
using it. The top reasons why this product is highly recommended include its easily usable applicator,
its long-lasting protective ability, and a dosing schedule that is comparatively more convenient.
Currently, Bravecto is the only preventive on the market that provides protection against fleas
and ticks for the longest period of 12 consecutive weeks. This makes pet owners seek it as the
first-choice protection for their dogs and cats.
The only preventive that guarantees safety for your kittens and puppies today is Bravecto.
According to many veterinarians, kittens and puppies weighing roughly over 2.1lbs can be safely
treated with Bravecto, whose efficacy has been proven to kill nearly 100% of fleas within 8 hours,
in 12 running weeks.

Conclusion : Let’s buy Bravecto chews for dogs

Veterinarians and pet owners currently recommend Bravecto as the safest protection against
fleas and ticks for your dogs and cats. With Bravecto, you do not need to sign up for subscriptions
that come with monthly treatments. In just a single dose, this preventive can protect your dog or
cat from flea and tick infestations for three months, while four doses guarantee the protection of
nearly a full year. Unlike monthly treatments, acquire the Bravecto preventive to successfully break
the life cycle of the fleas, disrupting continuous exposure to harmful flea and tick infestations.
This is going to be the most worthwhile investment you can make for your dogs and cats today.

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