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Are you worried because of the mites irritating your dog? We all have heard about
Revolution and definitely want to try them on our pets. But we don’t want to visit the
vet’s office and get prescriptions. Yes, many people like buying Revolution online rather
than going to the veterinarian.

Today, we will discuss getting a Revolution for the dog without the vet’s prescription. We
will also tell you about what Revolution is and how many types of Revolution are there.
To save your time, we will also suggest some key factors to consider while you are
buying Revolution for your dog. So, if you are interested in knowing about all these
things, let’s continue reading.

Dogs and the need for Revolution

Dogs are loving but you need to put the effort in return. You need to make sure that you
take proper care of your dog so that it stays with you longer. Some natural problems
occur with animals such as dogs also. Getting mites and fleas is one common problem
that many animals suffer from. It is the responsibility of the animal owner to take
proper precautions to save the animal from such problems.

Dogs need proper care and attention. You need to protect them from heartworms, mites,
fleas to save their good health. These things grow very rapidly on the dog’s skin and
cause many problems if left untreated. To ensure the good health of your dog, you need
to use Revolution. This fast action topical saves them from mites and fleas. Also, if you
want to keep your dog protected from flea infestations, you can use the Revolution treatment.

What is Revolution for Dogs?

Revolution without vet prescription
Revolution for Dogs

Revolution is a topical medicine that is used to treat dogs with internal ad external
parasite problems. It is an FDA approved drug safe to be used on dogs but under certain
conditions. The dog must be older than 6 weeks and must have good health and weight.

You can use Revolution to prevent and get rid of fleas and fleas eggs. In case your dog is
suffering from heartworms and mites, you can use this Revolution for them also. You
don’t have to worry while using this medicine for feeding or nursing females even.

Revolution is strict to be used for dogs above 6 weeks age and is preferred for positive
tested heartworms dogs. One important thing to keep in mind is to only use this
medicine once a month, or else it may be harmful to your dog.


There are generally two categories of Revolution for difs. One is that you get from a
prescription and the other one is you get without a prescription.

  1. With vet prescription

    It is the Revolution you are using with the proper consultation of the veterinarian. When
    you go to the vet and he himself prescribes you the Revolution, you call it the Revolution
    with vet prescription. It is safer and you can trust it more as a professional and
    experienced et is recommending you.

  2. Without vet prescription

    When you buy the Revolution yourself, without seeking any guidance from the vet by
    visiting his office, you call it revolution without vet prescription. It is easier to avail and
    saves a lot of your time.

How should Revolution be applied?

There is a proper procedure that you must follow to apply Revolution for dogs, in order
to bring out the best results. This procedure includes the following steps:

  1. Carefully take out the Revolution tube from its package. Make sure to carry out a
    thorough physical examination of the tube and confirm that it is not damaged or
  2.  Keep the tube in an upright position and exert a downward force on the cap until
    the seal breaks. This will be indicated by a ‘click’ sound.
  3. Now remove the cap and make sure the seal is broken properly to allow smooth
    outflow of the Revolution.
  4. Before you start applying the Revolution, first make proper sections of the hair on
    his body and make sure the skin is clearly visible to you.
  5. Now allow direct contact of the tube with the dog’s skin and squeeze to allow the
    Revolution out from the tube. Be careful that your skin is not exposed to the
    Revolution to avoid any skin damage or irritation.
  6. Keeping the tube pressed, move it through the segments so that the Revolution is
    spread evenly on your dog’s skin.

How does Revolution work?

Revolution is a formulation that mainly contains the pesticide selamectin. This product
is used to kill the pests present in your dog’s hair and ensure that your dog is clean and
safe from pests. A few pests against which Revolution can be used are fleas, scabies
mites, and heartworms.

Revolution is not only effective against killing external pests on your dog’s body but also
helps in killing internal pests, such as intestinal pests in your dog. The topical
application of Revolution initiates pest killing mechanism due to its pesticidal properties.
The internal (intestinal) pests are killed via absorption of the Revolution into the body on
its application to shoulder blades. The best application routine of Revolution is to be
used once a month only.

Benefits of buying Revolution for dogs

There are many benefits of buying Revolution for dogs. Give a read so that you can know
about these benefits.

  • It manages your dog’s health and keeps it away from irritating and disease-causing parasites.
  • It helps to reduce and kill the internal and external parasitic infections on your dog’s skin.
  • It helps to save your dog from heartworms and fleas.
  • You only need to use it once a month and then you can spend a whole month relaxed.
  • If your dog is suffering from ear mites, this product is the best option for you.
  • It is efficient and works fantastically for every type of dog.
  • In case you want your pet to get rid of hookworms, you can use this Revolution easily.
  • It is easy to use and requires not much effort.
  • It is completely safe for your pet as it is FDA approved.

What not to do while using Revolution?

There are many things that you need to take care of while using the Revolution for your
dog. If you won’t focus on these things, you will put your dog’s health in damage rather
than benefiting it. Always make sure that you stay as protected and covered as possible
while treating the worms of fleas of your pet.

There are many chances that if you don’t cover yourself, you can get the worms on your
skin. So, excellent human health is primary. Also, properly examine your pet before
applying revolution on its skin. Completely check the areas where it is necessary to apply
the Revolution. Don’t put too much of it that may start causing irritation or burning.

Things to consider

There are many things you need to consider before you buy a Revolution for your dog. It
is to ensure the proper and secure health of your dog.

  • Pet’s weight

Check out the dosage which is compatible with your dog. Don’t exceed or miss the
dosage or else the results will be affected. Keep in mind to use the revolution only once
in a whole month and only for dogs above 6 weeks age.

  • Ingredients

Always check the ingredients before you buy anything for your pet. Make sure that your
pet is not allergic to any ingredient. So, never miss reading the ingredients of the
product. Make sure that all the ingredients are safe to use. Also, check the dosage that is
suitable for your pet.

  •  Expiry date

Checking the expiry date of the product is essential. It is your responsibility to check the
manufacturing and expiry date of the Revolution product and make sure that it won’t
harm your dog in any way.

  • Trusted brand

It is important to buy all the pet’s products from a trusted brand. This is your
responsibility to take care of your pet’s health and provide the best things to your dog.
So, make sure that you only use reliable sources to treat your pets.

Why buying Revolution for dogs from

Here are various factors that you will find attractive in

  • Quality

We never make any compromise on the quality of our products. Your pet’s health is as
important to us as it is to you. So, we always try to provide the best product to the

  • On-time delivery

We can understand the urgency in which one requires medicine whether for a human or
a dog. So, it is our task to always deliver your ordered product timely. We deliver the
product safely right at your doorstep absolutely on time.

  • Safe ingredients

One thing that is important above all is good health. So no one should ever make any
compromise on health. We make sure to provide the safest product. This thing helps
your pets to recover and stay maximum away from any health issues.

Long-lasting results

We always use safe and secure products that provide long-lasting results. This way you
save money and time both. Also, all our products are easy to. use. Even f you use it then
the first time, you can simply complete the task by reading and understanding the
instructions provided at the back of each package.

Tips for using Revolution for dogs

Here are certain tips that you must know before using the Revolution for your dog.

  1. It is always good to gently apply revolution topically rather than rubbing or
    massaging it into the dog’s skin.
  2. Revolution has alcohol in it si never apply it on wounded or burnt skin, it will
  3. Keep the product away from the reach of your children, as it will cause skin and
    eye irritation.
  4. Revolution is a product that easily catches fire so keep it away from ignition and
  5. Never apply revolution on your dog’s wet skin.

Who should buy Revolution for dogs?

Every dog owner should buy a Revolution for the dogs. But it is better for dogs with good
body weight and health. It protects the dog from fleas and also prevents hatching of the
flea’s eggs. But make sure to consult a veterinarian before using Revolution for your dog.

Is the revolution for dogs safe?

Yes, Revolution is a safe treatment for many dogs but not for the ones with poor health
or specific diseases. It is good to consult the veterinarian before giving Revolution to
your dog. Also, get the dog’s test done for adult heartworm and if it is positive, only then
give Revolution. It will be much helpful in killing ear mites and protecting from various
mites and flee diseases.

Why you should buy Revolution for dogs?

Revolution is an effectively proven medicine for a dog’s good health. It protects the dog
from fleas and stops infections caused by fleas. If your dog is suffering from free allergy
dermatitis, it is good to use Revolution to control the infection and inflammation.


We have presented a detailed post containing a lot of information regarding Revolution
for the digs. It is however preferable to get a prescription from your vet rather than
putting your dog’s health in danger. Also, if you think that Revolution is irritating your
dog or is causing any changes in your dog, immediately run to the veterinarian.

Make sure to check the health of your dog before using medication. Do check your pet’s
weight and then use the medicine.


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