Buy Simparica Without a Vet Prescription – Simparica Chewable Tablets

Just like any other dog owner, do you want to keep both your home and dog protected from fleas? Even
more, do you want to keep your dog from picking up tick and risking any tick-borne disease? Well, it will
be convenient for you to give Simparica chewable tablets for dogs to it.

Among the numerous tick and flea prevention options available in the market, Simparica is one go-to
solution for you.

Simparica For Dogs Without Vet Prescription

Buy Simparica Chewable Tablets

Anipet Shop offers the convenience of purchasing Simparica online, no veterinarian’s prescription required. Operating on a global scale, our company sources and delivers products from regions where Simparica can be lawfully obtained without a prescription. We partner with authorized international manufacturers who adhere to the same rigorous quality standards as pharmaceutical companies in the United States.

What is Simparica chewable tablet?

Simparica chewable tablets are a veterinary medicine that’s used to treat flea and tick infections. Even
more, it can treat demodectic and sarcoptic mange, as well as ear mite infestations in the dogs.

Once Simparica has given its activity against fleas and ticks lasts for 5 weeks at least, you can use this as
a flea allergy management.

However, Sarolaner is the active substance in Simparica.

How do Simparica chewable tablets for dogs work?

Simparica is a chewable, flavored tablet for administration to dogs above 6 months of their age.
However, the dosage of Simparica chewable tablets for dogs depends upon the body weight of your
dog. Each of these chewable tablets can offer a min 0.91 mg per lb. dosage of sarolaner.

However, Sarolaner is an important member of the parasiticides’ isoxazoline class. At the same time,
Simparica contains the S-enantiomer of Sarolaner.

Even more, Simparica is an effective solution that can kill adult fleas. Additionally, it is used as an
effective treatment as well as prevention from flea infestation. Also, you can use Simparica chewable
tablets for dogs to control and treat tick infestations.

What are the key benefits of Simparica chewable tablets for dogs?

Here are some of the most important benefits of Simparica chewable tablets you must know:

  •  Made for action

Simparica contains sarolaner as an active substance in it. This substance can inhibit the neurotransmitter
function of glutamate receptor and GABA receptor. Even more, it also works at insects’ neuromuscular
junction. It will lead to uncontrolled neuromuscular activity. Ultimately, this activity will cause death in
acarine and insects.

  • Easy to use

Most amazingly, Simparica tablets are flavored, which your dog can eat easily. You can add these tablets
to its food or can offer them directly by hand. In any case, your dog can ingest it with ease.

  • Highly effective

Even more, these tablets are highly effective in treating and control flea and tick infestation. As per a
controlled study, Simparica can effectively treat flea and ticks. Also, these tablets can help to control
infestation up to 90 days after treatment.

How to use Simparica tablets for dogs?

  Simparica tablets for dogs 22.1-44 lbs

When it comes to get the most convenient flea and tick prevention and treatment solution. Then,
Simparica chewable tablets for dogs are the best option to consider in this regard. However, do you
want to know how to use these tablets for your dog? Then, there are different ways to consider.

You can offer these Simparica chewable tablets for dogs:

  • By hand
  • In the food of your dog
  • Use it just like you give your dog any other medication.

However, when you provide your dog Simparica chewable tablets for dogs, then here are some care tips
to consider:

  • Make sure your dog has consumed the entire dose.
  • Also, observe your dog for a few minutes after it finished the dose. This will let you know if the
    part of the dose is left or refused.
  • Simparica chewable tablets for dogs should be administrated at monthly intervals.
  • If you have missed a dose, then resume your schedule of monthly dosing.

Even more, here are some of the important things to consider while using Simparica chewable tablets
for dogs:

  • Both tick prevention and treatment and flea treatment and prevention with Simparica can begin
    at any time of year.
  • However, do you belong to the area where fleas are common all year round? Then, you can
    continue the treatment throughout the year without any interruption with Simparica.
  • Even more, to minimize the re-infestation of ticks and flea, you must treat all the pets in your
    house with Simparica tablets.
  • Always make sure to utilize an approved Simparica flea control and prevention treatment in this

Overall, using Simparica chewable tablets for dogs while considering the above-mentioned tips will let
you keep your pet protected effectively.

Important Note:

  • Remember, Simparica chewable tablets for dogs are for animals only. These are not suitable for
  • Keep all Simparica drugs out of your children’s reach.
  • Do not use Simparica chewable tablets for dogs for your cats.
  • Even more, you should not use Simparica chewable tablets for dogs to treat dogs aged less than
    6 months.

Also, keep Simparica tablets at a secure location that’s out of your dog, cats, or any other pet’s reach. As
this is important to avoid accidental overdose and ingestion.

What is the difference between Simparica and Simparica Trio?

Simparica Trio offers an enhanced advantage over Simparica by providing a more extensive shield against a variety of parasites. In addition to safeguarding against fleas and ticks, Simparica Trio is designed to thwart heartworm, hookworms, roundworms, and other intestinal parasites. Opting for Simparica Trio over Simparica is a prudent choice if you seek comprehensive protection against heartworm disease and intestinal parasites for your canine companion.

Aspect Simparica Simparica Trio
Active Ingredients Sarolaner Sarolaner, Moxidectin, Pyrantel
Target Parasites Fleas, Ticks Fleas, Ticks, Heartworms, Intestinal Worms
Administration Chewable Tablet, Oral Chewable Tablet, Oral
Dosage Frequency Once a Month Once a Month
Taste Liver flavor Liver-flavored chewable tablet
Age Over 6 months of age Older than 8 weeks of age
Onset of Action Fleas – within 3 hours, Ticks – within 8 hours It begins eliminating deer ticks within 8 hours and tackling fleas within just 4 hours.
Safe for Pregnant or Nursing Pets Not specified Not specified

Please note that the safety of these medications for pregnant or nursing pets is not explicitly specified in the provided information. Always consult with a veterinarian before administering any medication to pregnant or nursing pets to ensure the safety of the mother and her offspring.

From where to get authentic Simparica chewable tablets for dogs
without a vet prescription?

Do you want to control and prevent flea and tick in your dog? Do you want to get the authentic
Simparica chewable tablets for dogs without a vet prescription? Well, in any case, we are here to hold
you. We are providing authentic and original Simparica chewable tablets for dogs. You can order these
in your preferred quantity from us. These will definitely help you to keep your dog and home protected
in the best possible way.

However, it is always recommended to use a safe dosage only to ensure effectiveness and avoid any side

Final Verdict:

Simparica chewable tablets for dogs are the best solution for flea and tick prevention. You can use these
flavored tablets to keep your dog protected in a more effective way. Even more, make sure to consider
all the tips and things mentioned above to ensure safe use.

However, now you can buy these tablets without even a vet prescription easily. So, don’t worry about
their accessibility and availability of Simparica chewable tablets for dogs anymore.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION ABOUT SIMPARICA: Simparica is for use only in dogs, 6 months
of age and older. Simparica may cause abnormal neurologic signs such as tremors, unsteadiness, and/or
seizures. Simparica has not been evaluated in dogs that are pregnant, breeding or lactating. Simparica
has been safely used in dogs treated with commonly prescribed vaccines, parasiticides and other medications.
The most frequently reported adverse reactions were vomiting and diarrhea.


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